Thursday, 20 October 2011

Jan Lokpal Song in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu

Hi Everyone,

I have enhanced the previous upload of the Lokpal hai bhai song (based on the Hindi film song "Golmaal hai bhai sab golmaal hai" from the movie Golmaal of 1979) with names of people added and the English translation included in the pictures so that people who are either not familiar with Hindi or not familiar with some of the principal actors in the video will know who they are and what the song is about.

The song is sung by me; the music is taken from the original by RD  Burman; the lyrics are by me as well (I replaced the original lyrics of Gulzar with content more appropriate for my theme).  I got images for the songs through google image search.

Please take a look, enjoy, and pass on the link.  Below is the link to the Hindi version of the song:

I have also created versions of the song in Tamil (my own lyrics, as in the Hindi version) and in Telugu (lyrics provided kindly by Datla Murali). Below is the Tamil version:

and this is the Telugu version:

Hope you enjoy them!


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