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A Scientific Explanation of Modiji’s Success - And Why He Will Win in 2024

A Scientific Explanation of Modiji’s Success - And Why He Will Win in 2024

Dr. Seshadri Kumar

26 January, 2022


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I am starting to learn LATEX. So I wanted to create a sample document with all the basic features in LATEX, such as a title, abstract, text formatting such as bold, italics, and underline; importing and centering images, inserting captions, bulleted lists and numbered lists, tables, equations (as equations are one of the strong points of LATEX), tables, a table of contents, and adding hypertext links. I thought to myself, what could be a better thing than learning to do all this while writing about the glories of the (new) Father of the Nation, (no, not Mr. Mohandas K. Gandhi) the current Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi, and to explain why Modiji won the 2014 election and will win the 2024 election? I created this document in LATEX, then converted it to html, and that’s what you are seeing here. I have had to edit some of the html code created by the Latex to html converter before putting it on blogger, because the converter converts the equations into images and then embeds them in the html. The table did not turn out too well in the blogger version, although everything came out fine in the html on my computer. So some things haven't turned out perfectly, and I crave your indulgence for that.

Figure 1: Our Dear Great Leader

1 Father of the Nation

For an auspicious start, I invite you to take a respectful look at the object of our adoration in Figure 1. Just as in Hinduism, it is customary to start prayers with an invocation to Lord Ganesha (who represented ancient Hindus’ skill in plastic surgery, according to our learned Prime Minister), it is recommended to start every endeavor in New India with a photograph of the New Father of the Nation. Make no mistake, our country is “prosperous” only because of our Father. Let us first internalize some truths about New India:

2 Why Are There Problems?

Some people are upset because they see that there are still many problems with India. Poverty is increasing in India in the last five years. There is unemployment. There is malnutrition. People die of hunger. There are reports claiming that millions were pushed into penury because of the combined effects of demonetization and GST, and millions more died because of poor planning during Covid-19 in 2020 and 2021.

But these are not because of Modiji. The people who are responsible for these ills are, in chronological order:

  1. Muhammad Bin Qasim
  2. Mahmud of Ghazni
  3. Muhammad of Ghor
  4. Alauddin Khilji
  5. Babur
  6. Akbar
  7. Aurangzeb
  8. Tipu Sultan
  9. Jawaharlal Nehru, First Prime Minister of India
  10. Indira Gandhi, Former PM of India and Winner of the 1971 War That Created Bangladesh out of Pakistan
  11. Rajiv Gandhi, Former PM of India
  12. Sonia Gandhi, Former Effective Leader of India (2004-14)
  13. Rahul Gandhi, Dilettante Politician and One-Time President of the GOP (Gradually Obsolescing Party)
  14. Asaduddin Owaisi, Rising Muslim Leader
  15. Arvind Kejriwal, Ambitious Unprincipled CM of Delhi and Wannabe National Leader
  16. Mamata Banerjee, Ambitious Unprincipled CM of West Bengal and Another Wannabe National Leader

3 The Greatness of Modiji

Modiji is great not only because he is a visionary political leader, but also because he discovered the significance of the term 2ab in the formula

(a+b)2 = a2 + b2 + 2ab

Actually, there is a fine point here, because Modiji used the expression “a plus b into whole (hole?) squared,” which implies

(a+b) x ()2

This is clearly a different kind of mathematics, one which the world has not yet fully understood and might never understand. It might require a Masters in Entire Mathematics to comprehend the new mathematics that Modiji has proposed. What exactly is the meaning of squaring nothing in brackets? Is it a metaphor for form without substance, or an expanding balloon filled with hot air?

4 The Evolution of Modiji

Modiji is the fruit of 95 years of evolution of Hindu society. The following table highlights how Hindutva thinking has evolved in these 95 years and who Modiji’s formative influences were:


1925 Savarkar
1925 Hedgewar
1940 Golwalkar
1948 Godse
1992 Advani
2002 Modi

Table 1:

The Glorious Journey of Hindutva

As you can see in Table 1, Modiji is the latest in a great line of luminaries of the Hindu right. However, he will be the last prophet. He is the Vishwaguru (lit., World Teacher) that India and the world have been waiting for thousands of years, since Lord Krishna, who was also from Gujarat, the Holy Land. The only difference is that Lord Krishna grew up in Uttar Pradesh (Mathura) and went to Gujarat (Dwarka); Modiji completes the circle as he was born in Gujarat (Vadnagar) and has returned to Uttar Pradesh (Varanasi). And just as Lord Krishna chose pragmatism over foolhardiness and vacated the battlefield when confronted with superior force in the form of the King Jarasandha, owing to which He has been given the appellation, Rann-chhod (lit., “he who left the battlefield”), Modiji, too, strategically and quietly vacated the battlefield when confronted with Chinese forces on the India-China border in 2020. Critics of Modiji should, therefore, learn their Hinduism correctly before criticising Modiji. He has only followed the precepts of Lord Krishna.

5 Why Modiji Won in 2014

The secret to how Modiji won in 2014 can be expressed by the following equation. You may need to have a degree in Entire Mathematics to understand it, but I will try and simplify it for you:


The equation appears deceptively complex, but it can be easily understood with a little explanation.

MPM(2014) stands for Modi becoming Prime Minister in 2014. It is the output of the equation. The other terms in the equation are the contributing factors to Modiji’s victory. These are described in detail below.

S1925 stands for VD Savarkar’s monograph of 1925, titled Who is a Hindu? This landmark book laid out the philosophy of the RSS, the cultural organization that Modiji belongs to, and the BJP, the political party that he heads, viz., that the only legitimate residents of India were those whose religions originated in the Indian subcontinent, viz., Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism; and that all other religions, especially those that had their religious origins in the Middle East, were foreign to India and so the loyalty and patriotism of adherents to those religions could never be counted upon.

P1947 stands for the Partition of British India into India and Pakistan in 1947, which caused the displacement of an estimated 10-20 million people, and resulted in widespread riots, leading to the estimated death of 2 million people. Many Hindus in India have never forgiven Muslims for Partition - even the ones who chose to live in India because they did not want Partition.

A(MG) refers to the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi by a Hindu extremist, Nathuram Godse, who believed that Gandhi was partial to Muslims and needed to be killed, in 1948. Atrocities occurred during Partition on both sides of the border; yet, many Hindus in India believed that, given what had happened to Hindus in Pakistan during Partition, Muslims who were wronged did not deserve any sympathy. That Gandhi felt equal sympathy for both Hindu and Muslim victims of violence rankled.

19252014AHdt stands for the integrated sum of Annual Hatred (AH) that has been injected into the body politic from 1925 to 2014.

RY (LKA) stands for the Rath Yatra (RY) of former Union Home Minister and former BJP President, LK Advani (LKY) which led to the Destruction of the Babri Masjid in 1992, D(BM), due to claims that the mosque, originally built by Babur in the 15th century, had been built on top of an ancient temple dedicated to the baby God Rama.

Gp(2002) refers to the Gujarat Pogrom of 2002. This is the one event that catapulted Mr. Modi to international fame (or infamy, depending on how one views it) - an event in which thousands of Muslims were massacred in the streets of Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat, while Modiji was Chief Minister. For completeness, it should be pointed out that no court has held Modiji responsible for the massacre, and in fact, he himself has expressed his sadness at the murder of so many Muslims, in the same way that he would feel if his car ran over a puppy dog. In the aftermath of the riots, there was a much-publicized speech by Modiji during the subsequent election campaign during which Modiji emphasized his commitment to family planning, and it is generally considered that this speech had done much to endear him to the Hindu masses.

GMBgm refers to the (bogus) Gujarat Model (GM B) that was amplified by the Godi Media (gm). (Godi is a Hindi word meaning adopted - the implication is that media has prostituted itself to power.)

IINC refers to the utter Incompetence of the Indian National Congress (INC) in combating all this propaganda.

CEBB(MA,AA,GA,) refers to the Combined Efforts of Big Business (Mukesh Ambani (MA), Anil Ambani (AA), Gautam Adani (GA), and others) in putting huge amounts of money in the coffers of the BJP to help it win.

[BR,AH,KB,SI]2 refers to the efforts of the Fake Corruption Activists such as Baba Ramdev (BR), Anna Hazare (AH), Kiran Bedi (KB), and Shazia Ilmi (SI), who have not found any corruption in India since Modiji came to power in 2014.

FCS refers to the Fake Corruption Scandals such as the 2G scam, the Commonwealth Games scam, and the Coal scam (as we all know, corruption vanished from Indian politics in 2014).

FRA refers to the Fake Rape Activists who were outraged over the Nirbhaya rape but are strangely silent on all the rapes happening under Modi.

DB,NRI refers to Donations (D) to the BJP from Bigoted (B) NRIs living in the USA, UK, and other places thanks to education given to them by institutions created by Nehru, and who talk down to Indians living in India about how Modiji is the best thing that has ever happened to India.

DB,DI refers to Donations (D) to the BJP from Bigoted (B) Domestic Indians (DI) who became prosperous thanks to the economic liberalization policies followed by several Congress governments.

SS40 refers to the tweet by the self-styled “Spiritual Guru,” Sri Sri Ravishankar, who claimed that once Modiji came to power in 2014, the dollar would only be worth 40 rupees. For reference, the dollar today is trading at nearly Rs. 75. Also for reference, the dollar-rupee exchange rate in 2014, when Modiji came to power, was about Rs. 60. But this is not Modiji’s fault at all. Reliable experts in economics have confirmed to the author that this dip in India’s fortunes is because Rahul Gandhi hugged Mr. Modi on the floor of the Lok Sabha.

PWA(IT) refers to WhatsApp propaganda spread by the IT Wing of the BJP using hired workers at two rupees a tweet.

6 Why Modiji will Win in 2024

Why Modiji will win in 2024 can also be expressed by an equation. This is as follows


As before, this apparently complex equation can be explained quite simply.

MPM(2024) is the output of the equation, which is that Modiji will become Prime Minister in 2024. It is the result of the terms on the right. The first term, of course, is that he became PM in 2014. So the equation explains what he has added to his portfolio since taking over that will help him win again. Let us understand what these extra appeals to his already powerful charisma are.

AAM(MA,PK,JK,AZ,KR,U,) refers to the Atrocities Against Minorities (AAM) that give Modiji’s supporters a warm and fuzzy feeling and reassure them that one billion Hindus are not in danger of extinction. Some specific examples are the murders of Mohammad Akhlaque (MA), Pehlu Khan (PK), Junaid Khan (JK), Afrazul (AZ), the Kathua Rape case (KR), the whipping of Dalits in Una (U), and many more such incidents.

(NRC) (CAA) refers to the combined effect of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC), which gave Hindus a legal route to disenfranchising millions of Muslims, who had lived for decades in India, and make them stateless people. Since this glorious event, newspapers have shown the construction of what are called “detention camps” where these stateless people will live out the rest of their miserable lives, separated from their families, on the front pages. These photographs have not caused any outrage in the general public, most of whom think this is a long overdue innovation.

JDSB(RG) refers to the transformation of former Congress President Rahul Gandhi (RG) into a Janeu-Dhari Shiv Bhakt (JDSB). Although this tactic was aimed at the Hindu public, to show them that Modi wasn’t the only Hindu in town, most Hindus saw through it, and effectively said, through their votes in the 2019 election, that they preferred the genuine article to the fake.

GMC(JS) refers to the Garlanding (G) by Jayant Sinha (JS), then part of Modiji’s cabinet, of Murder Convicts (MC). The said convicts had murdered a Muslim coal trader in Jharkhand, which was, of course, the reason Sinha garlanded them. Modi’s silence, as usual, amounted to tacit approval.

A(370) refers to the abolition of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution. This ended the special status of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, separated Ladakh from it, and downgraded it from a State of the Union to a Union Territory that is administered directly by the Centre.

P(TT) refers to the passage of the Triple Talaq bill in Parliament. While the stated purpose of the bill was to prevent the exploitation of Muslim women by Muslim men, the real reason, as anyone living in India knows, is resentment by Hindu men of the fact that Muslim men are allowed by Muslim personal law to have four wives at the same time and that Muslim personal law allows them to divorce these wives fairly easily, something that Hindu men cannot avail of.

V SC(A) refers to the Supreme Court’s (SC) Verdict (V) on the Ayodhya (A) case, granting the land to the Hindus while calling the demolition of the Babri Masjid illegal. This term also encompasses the drama that followed the verdict, with Modiji performing the puja for the laying of the foundation stone of the new Ram temple in Ayodhya.

R(KV ) refers to the grand production that was the opening ceremony of the Renovated (R) Kashi Vishwanath (KV) temple. The production of this spectacle was flawless, and warmed the cockles of the hearts of devout Hindus all over the country.

WF (BI) refers to WhatsApp (W) Forwards (F) by Illiterate (I) Bhakts (B) (blind devotees) of Modiji who believed that he would eventually save them, even as they lost their jobs, had to shut their businesses down, and lost the lives of their near and dear due to Modiji’s incompetence.

WF (BE) refers to WhatsApp (W) Forwards (F) by Educated (E) Bhakts (B) of Modiji (especially those from highly reputable institutes of higher learning, such as the IITs and IIMs, but also including anyone with a college degree), who proudly forwarded videos of people banging their plates to drive out the Corona virus, argued vigorously that the sound from plates being banged would destroy the virus, that the simultaneous lighting of lamps after all the lights were turned off could be seen from space, who called anyone who said that Modiji’s economic policies were disastrous for the country was a traitor to the country, and in many similar ways showed that their DNA was closer to that of asinine than human DNA.

7 Hinduism or Hindutva?

The Liberal minority in India has tried to counter the right-wing tide sweeping India since 2013 by suggesting that the Hindu right is actually a minority, a fringe, and that this minority does not speak for all Hindus. Some prominent examples of this kind of denial can be seen in statements from Congress MP Shashi Tharoor and others like him, who like to state that Hinduism is not Hindutva. Tharoor has expanded on this idea in a recent book titled “Why I am a Hindu.” However, as others have pointed out, this is a lazy response.

Those who try to say that right-wing and intolerant thought among Hindus is in a minority are ignoring the stark statistics that are staring us in the face. India consists of 80% Hindus, 14% Muslims, 2.3% Christians, 1.7% Sikhs, 0.7% Buddhists, and 0.4% Jains. In 2014, the BJP got 31% of the votes cast. By 2019, that percentage had gone up to 37.4%. In the five years between 2014 and 2019, any illusions that the BJP under Modi was a pluralistic party had long vanished. Public lynchings, such as those of Akhlaque, Pehlu Khan, Junaid Khan, Afrazul, and attacks on Christians and Dalits, with no one punished for these deeds, and those in power making statements that there would be more of this to come, with the PM maintaining a studied silence while his ministers publicly threatened Muslims, left nobody in any doubt.

So, in spite of the BJP’s openly majoritarian stance, or perhaps because of it, the BJP’s vote share went up from 31% to 37.4% in five years. It is fair to assume that most of India’s minorities, with the exception of the Jains, would not have voted for the BJP in the 2019 elections. That means that the 37.4% of the population that voted for the BJP (or, rather, for Modiji) were largely Hindus. This means that the percentage of the Hindus who voted for Modi was 37.4%/80%, or 46.8%. That is, nearly half the Hindu population of India voted for Mr. Modi. That is certainly not a fringe.

Now consider what has happened since the 2019 elections. Article 370 has been abolished, the Ayodhya verdict has been announced, a grand temple is now under construction in Ayodhya, and the Kashi temple has been renovated. All this will only endear Mr. Modi and the BJP to the Hindu population. It would be very surprising indeed if, in the next election in 2024, a significant majority of Hindus do not vote for Modiji.

Hindutva is Hinduism. At least in a practical sense.

8 The Social Biology of the Hindu

In keeping with the “scientific” focus of the article, I would like to conclude by explaining the social biology of the average Hindu for the scientifically-minded reader.

The alert reader would no doubt have noticed that in the preceding, I have not talked even once about things like “vikas,” or development. That is because development ranks fairly low on the list of priorities of the average Hindu, although it was a useful fa├žade during the 2014 election.

The Hindu has always been a bigot (exceptions do exist, of course; I am talking about the average). One of the common errors of Liberal thinking in India is to make Modiji the villain. I would like to rebut this charge.

Modiji is not a villain. He is simply a Democrat. He is giving the people of India what they wanted. In their anger at the fact that India appears to be losing its inclusiveness and pluralistic society, Liberals in India forget that since 1947, with the exception of the years of the Emergency, India has always been a Democracy.

Indians voted Modiji to power in 2014 with an absolute majority in the Lok Sabha, and gave him an even more emphatic mandate in 2019. Some of my Liberal friends like to scream “EVM Fraud” at the slightest provocation, but the fact is that Modi has won elections, both at the national and state levels, fair and square.

So, one might reasonably ask, how come the average Indian was secular from 1947 to 2014? Why did the people of India vote the relatively moderate Congress Party to power, but now support the party that hosts rabidly anti-minority politicians and encourages bigotry and hatred against minorities?

The answer, of course, is that the secularism that was instituted by Nehru, Ambedkar, Patel, and Rajaji was never done by consensus with the people of India. India has always had centuries of Hindu-Muslim hatred. As Ambedkar said in The Annihilation of Caste, the Hindu’s only loyalty is to his caste. When Hindus cannot even get along with each other, where then is the question of getting along with Muslims? Hindus can only unite when faced by a common adversary. This is why they could unite against the British. Today the common enemy is the Muslim. Once Muslims have been effaced from Indian society in every meaningful way, then Hindus will turn to fighting each other.

Thus, Nehruvian secularism was just a veneer that the Hindu had for 70 years, because the influence of the leaders of the Independence movement - Nehru, Patel, Ambedkar, Rajaji, etc. - was too strong. It was not acceptable to show one’s true colors. But those of us who grew up in India knew the level of the hatred of Hindus against Muslims. All my life growing up in Mumbai, I have heard a diverse set of Hindus - Tamilians, Maharashtrians, Gujaratis, etc. - say the same thing. Many of them were happy that Gandhi was shot dead. Many felt that Muslims were being given too much by the government in various subsidies, that Hindus were “bending backwards to try to appease Muslims.” Be honest. All Indians have heard this. Some pretend they have not.

It is just that the environment was not right for people to express their true feelings. Everyone had to pretend to be secular.

Well, now they don’t have to any longer.

The situation is like that of a bacterial spore. When a pathogenic bacterium, such as a bacillus, encounters an adverse environment or lack of nutrients or a supportive ecosystem, it forms a dormant, inactive structure known as an endospore. These endospores are highly resistant to heat, dehydration, radiation, and chemicals. The outside of the spore is a protein coat that is tough and resistant.

In the presence of favourable conditions, such as moderate temperature and the presence of water, the spore germinates and the tough protein coat is no longer necessary.

Figure 2: Anatomy of the Hindu Bigot

The Hindu bigot has survived for the past 70 years in a very similar fashion to the bacteria that cause botulism, anthrax, and tetanus. As seen in Figure 2, for 70 years, the poor Hindu bigot had to wear a coat of sophistication, which included a self-identification of being secular, because the external environment was too hostile for him or her to express their true nature. 70 years later, thanks to movements like Advani’s Rath Yatra, the Hindu bigot could finally give vent to their true feelings. The final enabling favourable condition was the development of WhatsApp, which allowed rabid Hindus to freely share their feelings with other like-minded bigots, and the outer coat was no longer needed. This is the equivalent of bacterial spore germination.

9 Conclusions

India is finally approaching its mature phase as a nation, which is its reincarnation as a Hindu theocracy after 75 years of secularism. At present, this is a theocracy de facto, but it will soon be de jure. This article has tried to explain why Modiji won election in 2014 and why he will again win in 2024, by understanding the fundamental nature of the average Hindu. It has also shown how nearly half of all Hindus voted for the BJP in 2019, in an increasing trend, which suggests that the BJP’s capture of Hindus’ mindspace will be complete by 2024. The social experiment of inclusive secularism pioneered by the founders of independent India is shown to be an aberration.

It is also shown that the customary explanations of Indian Liberals, such as trying to blame an individual such as Modiji or Amit Shah for this transformation of Hindu society are mistaken. The problem is with the people of India, and they have always been this way. The common trope about how Hinduism is different from Hindutva is also shown to be flawed.